About Me

I'm Lisa Dixon (owner of LMDixonPhotos), dedicated and experienced professional photographer who loves to create art at an affordable price. I specialize in model portfolios, motocross, headshots, band and pet photography. I have 14 years of professional modeling and acting experience plus modeling/acting training from 12-17 years old. I utilize my experiences to train models and actors while on set with me for all future projects.

I'm trained in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to make edits to images without over editing. Competent in capturing high quality images in either JPEG or RAW format based on what the images will be utilized for. Capable of working with advanced photography equipment and tools. 

LMDixonPhotos studio includes but is not limited to the following equipment:

One DSLR, one polaroid, three lights, three backdrops, many lenses and all necessary studio equipment.


The studio is always growing!


“Lisa is not only a great photographer, she is a fantastic teacher. I have no modeling experience but you can’t tell from the photos she’s taken of me. She takes the time to teach you how to pose, how to walk, how to look - with her motto being “if it’s uncomfortable, it probably looks great”! I’m a shy, introverted person but she brings out the lion, the goddess, and the goober by being so down to earth and easy to work with while also being patient and extremely knowledgeable.”

“She has the biggest heart and is one of the best photographers I’ve worked with of my 24 year professional motocross career.”

“Lisa is super easy to work with.
I’m very camera shy but she makes the photoshoot very comfortable. Her turnaround on getting you the pictures is super quick too. Thank you Lisa!”

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